Ten Ways To Reach Sexual Satisfaction

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  • In specialized adult movies and online video entertainment, that moment of orgasm is easy to spot. This is the brief period of time in which the penis turns into a virtual fountain of semen. While the vast majority of real-life orgasms might look a lot like this, there are occasions when they come with no spray of fluid. While they may go unnoticed during sex with a partner, unless a man is using a condom, they are quite obvious during a solo session. These so-called dry orgasms, also known as retrograde ejaculation can be scary, and some important information about penis health is required to help men better understand the problem. Here are some of the reasons that a dry ejaculation may occur.

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    Never throw a swinger party to please your swinger friends. You can also set certain limits for the guests, so that the party is conducted according to your comfort level.

    In a 2014 study at the University of Montreal, thirty sexual fantasies were found to be common for both men and women. Some of the findings were surprising, considering the popular notions of what men and women supposedly fantasize about. For example, 56.5% of women fantasized about having sex with more than 3 people at a time (both men and women), while only 16% of men reported similar fantasies. 65% of women fantasized about being sexually submissive (not surprising, considering the overwhelming popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey series), but so did 53% of men. And while 60% of men fantasized about being sexually dominant, so did 46% of women. To the surprise of no one, 82% of men fantasized about watching two women have sex – but so did 42% of women. And while 31% of women reported fantasies of having sex with two men, so did 45% of the men in the study. At this point you may be wondering about the sexual orientation of the people in the study. Only 3.6% of participants identified as homosexual, and another 12% identified as neither heterosexual nor homosexual, meaning that the great majority of the study participants were heterosexual. This study highlighted just how common it may be for heterosexual people to have fantasies about sex with people of their own gender.